1. Create your own supporter page
a. Upload your photo
b. Set an ambitious goal
c. Tell your own story and ask others to join you in supporting student scholarships and  impacting student lives
d. Use video to garner excitement and get others involved
e. Make your own gift and then challenge others to make a gift equal to yours

2. Break it down
a. Ask 25 friends/family members/coworkers to donate $10 each=$250
b. Ask 10 friends/family members/coworkers to donate $25 each=$250
c. Ask 20 friends/family members/coworkers to donate $15 each=$300
d. Get creative, be thoughtful

3. Ask people to donate in honor of your birthday/wedding/graduation/pet, etc….

4. It’s all about relationships
a. Ask your doctor, veterinarian, dry cleaner, chiropractor, personal trainer, barber or hairstylist, etc.

5. Reinforce for your donors that they are creating change in the world and impacting student lives
a. 98% of students at Schreiner receive financial aid and scholarship packages
b. Many are first generation students
c. Help create an environment in which students thrive and are successful!

6. Maximize your social media networks
a. Share Schreiner University social media posts
b. Challenge your network to match your personal gift
c. Use the social media toolkit provided

7. Thank your supporters with a personal thank you message